Envisioning a Tech-Infused Tomorrow

ZedSoft is more than just codes and algorithms. We’re dreamers, thinkers, and innovators. Our vision? A future where healthcare isn’t just improved but revolutionised by technology. Where barriers are non-existent, efficiencies are maximised, and healthcare solutions are accessible and reliable for all.

The Minds Behind the Magic

Spearheads strategic initiatives in MedTech, focusing on 3D innovation and cybersecurity, guiding ZedSoft’s growth and technological excellence.

Qamar Zaman


Leads technical strategy, driving advancements in software and cybersecurity, essential for ZedSoft's pioneering role in 3D MedTech solutions.

Nabil Sadeg


Manages product development and strategy, ensuring that ZedSoft's offerings meet and exceed market expectations with innovation and efficiency.

Konrad Mirga

Product Manager

Oversees software development, which integrates front-end and back-end tech to deliver robust, user-friendly SAAS solutions at ZedSoft.

Camilo Gonzalez

Lead Developer

Specialises in 3D graphics, enhancing tech solutions with innovative and visually striking 3D applications at ZedSoft.

Arthur Praden

3D Solutions

Marking Milestones of Excellence

Over the years, ZedSoft has been honoured to receive acclaim not just from our esteemed clients, but also from industry leaders and peers. Here are some of our proudest moments:

National Technology Awards

Awarded for best mobile innovation of the year in 2020

National Technology Awards

Runner up for cyber security innovation of the year in 2020

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