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Since our inception in 2019, we have been at the forefront of developing, optimising, and fully integrating software solutions across various industries, including healthcare, education, and finance. Our mission is to create a better future by addressing pressing social and economic challenges through innovative and disruptive technologies.

LIMS Software

Future of Laboratory Management – Our cloud-based LIMS software redefines efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in laboratory workflows.

AI Development

Driving Intelligent Solutions – Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Software Security

Guardians of the Digital Realm – Ensuring your software is not just functional but fortified against threats.

3D Development

Peak Performance, Every Time. Optimising software for efficiency and reliability.

Technical Integration

Seamless Synergies – Melding technologies, systems, and solutions into one cohesive unit.

Software Research and Optimisation

Beyond the Horizon – Dive into uncharted territories with our cutting-edge software research initiatives.

Blockchain Development

Secure. Immutable. Revolutionary. Dive into blockchain solutions tailored for the modern world.

Software Consultancy

Guiding Innovation – Collaborate with experts who understand your vision, advising every software step.

Software Development

Tailored software solutions that bring software innovation to life and to the forefront.

About ZedSoft

ZedSoft is positioned at the intersection of diverse industry innovations and pioneering software development. Originating from a deep passion for technology and nurtured by a commitment to excellence across various sectors, we continually push boundaries, set new industry standards, and shape a future where technology enhances human experiences in multiple fields.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the term used to define the access, use and delivery of computing services over the internet.

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Data Backups

Data is crucial to our everyday lives and businesses, which is why you should always be prepared in case the worst happens.

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